Write your own audiogenerator

It’s easy to have situations where you want to run your own custom audiogenerator. Fetching music with some very custom logic? Checking RSS feeds? Whatever. There are two main strategies to add audiogenerators to larigira: scripts and setuptools entrypoints. Scripts are easier. setuptools entrypoints are somewhat “tidier”. We suggest writing entrypoints if you want to distribute your code somehow. If your script is so custom that only makes sense to you, a script can be enough.

writing a script

a script is an executable file. The programming language is completely to your choice: bash, perl, python, compiled C code, larigira doesn’t care. It must be in a specific directory (~/.config/larigira/scripts/), be executable (as in chmod +x), and be owned by the same user running larigira.

When executed, this script must output URIs, one per line. Only UTF-8 is supported as encoding. The script should expect limited environment (for security reaons). Please also see larigira.audiogen_script for more details.

writing an audiogen entrypoint